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May 8, 1993: In the central Illinois town of Litchfield, the nude headless body of a woman is discovered in a pile of burning brush. A mysterious red van is seen nearby. Seventy miles away, in St. Louis, a 35 year-old bank teller, Lynne Matchem-Thomas, is reported missing and presumed dead. Sixteen months pass before Illinois homicide investigators piece together the puzzle of events that connect the two cases. With the body identified, a new investigation begins: The search for her killer. Lynne’s husband, Curtis, soon finds himself in the cross-hairs of scrutiny by detectives in two states. But Curtis, the last known person to see his wife alive, had been despondent over her appearance—or was that an act? The evidence against Curtis is all circumstantial, except for the word of a jilted girlfriend, who claims he confessed to her.