The Painted Ad2011
by Wm. and Margaret Stage
With a Forward by Arthur Krim, Founding Member, The Society For Commercial Archeology.
Designed by Michael Kilfoy
ISBN: 978-0-96291248-1
52 pages

Following the publication of Ghost Signs: Brick Wall Signs in America, The Painted Ad is another homage to an ongoing love affair with vintage wall signs, scarce as they have become. This volume features 25 photographs, both black-and-white and color, showcasing an advertising form prevalent before the time of billboards. Representing finds in large cities and small towns, The Painted Ad captures this period of American history when wall signs, in their heyday, dotted the commercial landscape. Moreover, The Painted Ad offers the sign enthusiast a choice: It may be kept as a book or its perforated pages gently removed and sent through the mail as postcards.

Price: $10.95